Spin Mop Sm-03 Pro Max

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Type: Spin Mop
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IMAXX SM03 Pro Max Spin Mop [Can Saperate Dry Bucket]
Energy saving floor mops, manual press system spin mop.
IMAXX Spin Mop is perfect for Home,Kitchen, Bathroom ,Office, Floor Cleaning.
Perfect for all types of floors -- hardwood floor, marble, laminate, tile, vinyl.

Mop can clean easily around any hard-to-reach places.
Special designed bucket [Removedable Dry Spin Bucket]

The wringer removes nearly 100% of water from the mop head.
Dry/Wet Mop - More Safety , Easy to Clean and use.

Microfiber mop heads are easily cleaned and dry .
Innovative design, saves effort And time .
Keeps your hands clean

Package included:
1* Mop
1* Bucket
2* Microfiber Mop