IMAXX Window Cleaning Robot

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1. Auto cleaning / wireless remote control cleaning
2. Vibration mopping pad, remove stains and dirts easier
3. Alarm: Light Indicator and Buzzer
4. Automatic return to starting point after finished cleaning
5. Repeat cleaning: Repeat mopping dirty area
6. Gap detection: YES, in total 5 detecion sensors, ensures framless window cleaning
7. Obstacle detect: Mechanical sensor, 4 in front, 2 at the back (IR sensor can not work proper under sunshine)
8. Gyro sensor: YES
9. Left to Right Zig-Zag, Up to Down Zig-Zag two cleaning path optional
10.Power-off protection: YES

Unit, power adaptor, remote control, mopping cloth,cleaning solution, safety cord (1.5 Meters), extension power cord(1.5 Meters), safety vacuum pad